920 Baby Sunsuit, ALL Dotti- CLEARANCE
920 Baby Sunsuit, ALL Dotti- CLEARANCE


920 Baby Sunsuit, ALL Dotti- CLEARANCE

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So practical, these colourful suits have studs for easy nappy change and all carry the CANSA seal of recognition for excellent sun protection.  Far more comfy for baby than constricting elasticated swimwear they help to establish good sun habits from an early age. 

Exposed skin should be protected with a good sun screen and babies should wear hats out in the sun.  Babies dehydrate quickly in the heat, so don't forget regular sips of water or juice.  Hydration in the heat is very important.

We only make sunsuits from 3 months in accordance with CANSA guidelines that younger babies should not be out in the sun for any length of time.